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General Information
Kuensel - Bhutan's national Newspaper - provides regular English-language news updates, editorials, a literary section and a readers' forum.
DrukNet is Bhutan's internet service provider. This site allows visitors to download samples of Bhutanese music, send colourful Bhutanese e-cards, and find a pen-pal. There is also a chatroom facility.

Culture and History
Concise information on every aspect of Bhutanese history, government and society from the Library of Congress.
The Centre for Bhutan Studies is an autonomous research institute dedicated towards promoting research and scholarship on Bhutan. The Centre promotes scholarship on Bhutan through its publications, by hosting conferences and seminars, and by organizing workshops and lecture series.
A 'virtual exhibition' of Bhutanese culture and traditions based on the acclaimed exhibition 'Bhutan: Mountain Fortress of the Gods' held in Vienna in 1997-98. Browse or take a guided tour of the exhibits. A wonderful resource!
This website gives the background to the making of the documentary 'Bhutan: The Last Shangri-La', part of the PBS (US public television) media group's 'Living Edens' series. The site offers an attractive presentation on Bhutan's natural environment, people and culture, plus a detailed list of the animals of Bhutan and some stunning photography.

Visiting Bhutan

Tentative list of 2019 festivals (updated November 2018)

Public holidays 2019
Bhutan's official tourist policy from the Department of Tourism. Information on visas, tariffs etc. and a complete list of Bhutan's travel agencies with contact details.
The webpage of Druk Air, the Royal Bhutan Airline, provides everything you need to know about flying in or out of Bhutan, plus information on sightseeing flights and general information on visiting Bhutan.
Ten pages of Bhutan travel information from the popular and reliable guidebook publishers, Lonely Planet. The site also features a map of Bhutan and a slideshow.

Other Societies and organisations
The website of the French association Les Amis du Bhoutan. The President of the association, Dr Francoise Pommaret, has published numerous books on Bhutan and is an authority on the country.
The website of the Pro Bhutan Association - Germany, an NGO doing impressive work in Bhutan in the fields of health (Punakha Hospital, policlinic and medical training centre), education (school and hostels for blind and for hearing-impaired children) and cultural heritage (Punakha Dzong bridge).
The website of the German Society Deutsche Bhutan Himalaya Gesellschaft e.V.
The website of the Dutch association Bhutan+Partners.
The website of the Swedish Bhutan Society.
The website of the Swiss association Society Switzerland-Bhutan.

Bhutan's National Anthem
How many Bhutanese Ngultrums to the Pound? Find out with this handy online currency converter.
A scarf featuring a Bhutan-inspired design is among this collection of 100% silk scarves inspired by the traditional colours and designs of India and the Far East.
White Gold: Discovering Bhutan's natural treasure