The Bhutan Society of the UK 

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Previous events 2013-2020


Monday 8th April: Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 26th March: Bhutan Film Evening

Monday 4 February: Wall Painting Conservation (lecture)


Monday 26 November: Annual Dinner 2018

Monday 29 October: Bhutan's Elections in 2018 (lecture)

Monday 17 September: Annual General Meeting and Lecture

Thursday 10 May: Views of Bhutan, National Liberal Club

   We welcomed three speakers to give their views on aspects of Bhutan today:

Friday 16 March: Film Event, The Polish Hearth Club

Thursday 11 January: The Wherabouts of the Yeti, Steve Berry, National Liberal Club


Wednesday 18 January: The Cultural Identity of Bhutan, Zara Fleming, National Liberal Club

Thursday 27th April: Bhutan through the Lens of Compassion, Emma Slade, National Liberal Club

Monday 30 October Annual review, Michael Rutland, The Travellers Club


Wednesday 13 January: AGM

Tuesday 15 March: Views of Bhutan, Professor Fergus Lyon, Lila Adhikari, Karma Yeshey and Nikey Subba; The Travellers Club

Thursday 5 May: visit to Winkworth Arboretum

Tuesday 4 October: AGM; Annual review, Michael Rutland; The Travellers Club

Friday 21 October: Annual Dinner: The Charterhouse


Monday 19 January: Wall Paintings in Bhutan: past glories, present concerns, Professor David Park; The Polish Hearth Club

Thursday 26 March: Leatham family films and photographs of Bhutan in the 1960s, Charlotte MacCaw; The Polish Hearth Club

Monday 20 April: Fusion Economics, Laurence Brahm; The Polish Hearth Club

Wednesday 1 July: visit to St Paul's Walden Bury

Wednesday 23 September: Trekking High in Bhutan, Andrew Sutton and Henry Preston; The Polish Hearth Club

Monday 9 November: The Hidden Lands in Himalayan Myths and Legends, Ian Baker; The Polish Hearth Club

Friday 27 November: Annual Dinner: The Polish Hearth Club


Wednesday 15 January: A Brush with Bhutan, Tim Scott Bolton; The Polish Hearth Club

Tuesday 25 February: Three Talks by Bhutanese Students; The Polish Hearth Club

Thursday 15 May: visit to the Chelsea Physic Garden

Friday 19 September: Annual Dinner; The Charterhouse

Tuesday 7 October: AGM; Annual review, Michael Rutland; The Travellers Club


Monday 4 February: Bhutan - Transition and Possibilities, Dorji Wangchuk; National Liberal Club

Monday 29 April: visit to Harewood House and the stupa

Tuesday 11 June: Where the Wild Things Were, Stanley Johnson; The Travellers Club

Monday 22 July: Bhutan Nuns' Foundation, Dr Tashi Zangmo; National Liberal Club

Thursday 5 September: AGM; Annual review, Michael Rutland; The Travellers Club

Friday 4 October: Annual Dinner; The Polish Hearth Club

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