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The Bhutan Society of the United Kingdom

Welcome to the Society!

The Bhutan Society of the United Kingdom is for people who wish to develop knowledge and understanding of the Kingdom of Bhutan - and to encourage cultural and educational links between the peoples of the United Kingdom and Bhutan. It links together people who are interested in, or who have connections with, the Kingdom of Bhutan. Via a series of talks through the year, an annual dinner and a newsletter, members stay in contact with developments in Bhutan, with Bhutanese resident in the UK and with each other.
Please browse the website and read back issues of the newsletter to discover more.

Second Royal Son named

The newborn prince of Bhutan has been named Jigme Ugyen Wangchuck, the palace announced Tuesday, June 30th 2020. His Royal Highness will be referred to as Gyalsey Ugyen Wangchuck.

The royal newborn arrived in March to King Jigme, 40, and Queen Jetsun Pema, 29, also known as the Dragon King and Dragon Queen. As is custom in Bhutan, his name was not revealed until after a special Buddhist naming ceremony.

Gyalsey joins big brother, 4-year-old Prince Jigme Namgyel, who is also known as the Dragon Prince as heir to the throne.

Dorji Wangchuk writing in Kuensel

Here are a selection of articles written in Bhutan's national paper, Kuensel, by Dorji Wangchuk, member and treasurer of the society. They reflect insights into some of the key challenges Bhutan faces, and how they could be addressed.
  • Supporting private sector growth for our economic well-being
  • Solving the youth unemployment conundrum
  • How will covid-19 change Bhutan
  • Delivering digital economy for Bhutan

  • Michael Rutland on BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight

    Our vice president, Michael Rutland, was on BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight, on 5 June 2020, speaking about Bhutan's management of Covid-19. You can listen to and download the broadcast here (Michael speaks from 31:40).

    Spring Blooms in Dorset

    Society member Michael Blooman has shared photographs of rhododendrons and other trees on his property. These were taken at the end of April and beginning of May exactly when he was hoping to host a visit by other Society members. His garden has an inspiring backdrop of a pinetum planted in the 1850s now managed by The Woodland Trust with Cedrus atlantica and Sequoia giganteum alleged to be the tallest tree in the country at 159 feet. His extensive collection includes the huge white flowers of R. griffithianum, the vermilion R. thomsonii and the pale orange of R. cinnarbarinum - all found in Bhutan - as well as the yellow of R. sinofalconeri of Vietnam. To enjoy these photos click here.

    COVID-19 Protection Measures

    The Society is monitoring the UK Government's guidance on the outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19). The latest advice is at

    Those planning to travel to Bhutan are advised to contact their travel agents, as entry restrictions apply. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office's travel advice is at

    Upcoming Bhutan Society Events

    The Government's restrictions on movement and gatherings have required the postponement of some events. The Society will review opportunities to reschedule the third Annual Film Evening and the AGM and also look to arrange other events, as restrictions are varied.

    Other Events & Notices

    Cine from Bhutan

    A selection of fascinating Cine videos of Bhutan from the 1940s, taken by Dr Harry Staunton, have recently been added to the Articles section along with a commentary about Dr Staunton's life and the provenance of the Films. The Society thanks Mrs Diana Hughes for making these videos available to us.

    Watercolours for sale

    Michael Blooman - Bhutan Society member, artist, explorer and plantsman - has generously offered to sell some of his paintings from Bhutan in aid of the Bhutan Society Trust Fund. Please click here to view the images and for contact details.

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